Green Technologies: Cooling Water

Challenges in Tower Maintenance

  • Control disease outbreaks caused by aerosolization of bacteria
  • Prevent fouling in exchangers/condensers
  • Control microbiological growth
  • Control scale deposition
  • Provide corrosion protection

Mixed Oxidant Solution Chemistry

At a comparative price to bulk hypochlorite, you can use mixed oxidant solution chemistry to:

  • Provide superior disinfectant even at high pH
  • Replace chlorine, bromine, proprietary biocides and algaecides
  • Eliminate biofilm: control legionellg growth and pitting corrosion
  • Improve plant and community safety
  • Removes biofilms

The Mexclear Difference

Unlike traditional cooling water treatment, Mexclear does not treat the water. With Mexclear, treatment works on the surface to provide protection from biofilms, corrosion, and deposition. This patented technology improves heat transfer and lowers energy costs. Treatment is fed in micro-doses for only minutes each day.


  • Lower Costs: MexClear lowers maintenance, transportation, and capital investment costs.
  • Save Time: with minimal handling and storage
  • Longer equipment life
  • 100% Biodegradable: no adverse affects on wastewater treatment systems
  • Reduce Environmental Footprint: lower energy consumption and minimal chemical needs
  • Eliminates chemical tanks and drums
  • Reduce microbiocide demands