About Us

Incorporated in 1999, International Chemstar Inc., Chemstar, provides water treatment products and services regionally and internationally.

Chemstar specializes in district heating and cooling plants that supply steam, chilled water and/or high temperature hot water to outlying buildings. We also provide water treatment to Industrial Plants, Military Bases, Cogen Plants, Hospitals, Universities, Food Manufacturers as well as Entertainment Venues. Chemstar prides itself on making facilities run efficiently using the latest water treatment technology and techniques to save money and energy.

Chemstar has expertise in all phases of water treatment including potable, industrial, and waste water. We currently sell more than two million pounds of water treatment products per year.

Our customers recognize the value of proper water treatment and we feel the measure of a great water treatment company is the size and sophistication of its loyal customers. At Chemstar, our staff is just as loyal. We experience very little turn-over which adds to a trustworthy long term relationship in the office and in the field.

We have been using International Chemstar for the last seven years with great results. I give them an A+ for their overall program including consistent negligible rates for corrosion. My account manager’s knowledge, experience and enduring professionalism is unmatched.

Chris Guay
Chief Engineer for Oxford Mngt

Chemstar has been a tremendous asset to the operation and function of our boilers for over ten years. We have very little down time and never fail inspections due to build up of scale, rust, or sludge in the boilers. Our boilers work very efficiently and it is extremely rare for them to have any maintenance problems on the water side. Thank you and your company for all you do to help maintain a comfortable quality of life here in Okinawa for our Marines and DOD civilians.

Jeff LaCroix
Okinawa, Japan

I am very satisfied with the overall quality of service we receive from International Chemstar. The service representative handles the contract in a very professional and friendly manner and the installers that have come on site have also done a professional job.

David Heckman
NSA, Mechanicsburg, PA

Chemstar is an active member of the Association of Water Technologies. AWT is a non-profit organization established for the specific benefit of independent water treatment companies. All water treatment companies are not the same, and the same goes for water treatment specialists. Chemstar strongly supports the CWT program offered through AWT.

The Certified Water Technologist program is the highest professional credential in the industrial and commercial water treatment field. With numerous CWT designees, our company personnel possess the expertise, experience and knowledge to provide the highest standards of service. Individuals with the CWT designation have personally committed themselves to excellence in the water treatment industry.